Episode 22: Justice League

The girls give DC another chance with JUSTICE LEAGUE. Discussion includes Batman’s Extraâ„¢ all-black jet, Wonder Woman’s “skirt”, letting male stars smile and of course, Ezra Miller, ray of light in a dark, dark world.

Episode 20: Batman V Superman

This episode Sarah and Kelly tackle BATMAN V SUPERMAN, or as they like to call it, Studio Notes: The Movie. They’ll analyze this loose collection of random scenes and talk bat brands, Henry Cavill’s scowl, and how a movie can be insanely nonsensical and criminally boring at the same time.

Episode 17: Watchmen

Continuing with the theme of Cold War action movies featuring 99 Luftballons, the girls tackle Zach Snyder’s WATCHMEN. They’ll talk about speed ramping, why diversity is doubly a problem in adaptations of source material, and whether this film contains the most awkward sex scene in cinema history. WARNING: This episode will contain an extended discussion…

Episode 12: 300

In their first technically non-superhero movie of the season, the girls discuss Zach Snyder’s first foray into comic books.