Episode 35: Twilight

BFFC revisits TWILIGHT, possibly one of the most bizarre teen movies ever made, just in time for its 10-year anniversary.

Episode 27: The Invitation

BFFC reviews THE INVITATION, dir. Karyn Kusama. Discussed: the LA wellness scene, social convention, and the veneer of civilization.

Episode 26: Mudbound

In their latest episode the girls view MUDBOUND, dir. Dee Rees. Discussed: intersectionality, Rachel Morrisson’s cinematography nomination, and the way diversity behind the camera influences not only how stories are told, but which stories are told in the first place.

Episode 25: Proud Mary

In the Season 3 kickoff, BFFC examines PROUD MARY, an action film doing its best to sabotage itself. Discussed: great actors getting stuck with bad movies, the film’s strange editing and pacing, and the publicity (or lack thereof) leading up to the film’s release. Also: Taraji P Henson’s triple threat of great acting, great physicality,…

Episode 24: STAR WARS EP VIII: The Last Jedi

In their Season 2 finale, the girls mull over Star Wars Episode VIII: THE LAST JEDI. They’ll discuss the multi-layered messaging of the film, why heroes must die for the sake of story, and whether Snoke has the best interior designer this side of Cloud City.