Episode 29: Annihilation / The Oscars

In their first double-header episode, Bad Feminist Film Club reviews ANNIHILATION, the excellent sci-fi/horror film from Alex Garland. They’ll talk killer crocs, doppelgängers, and differences between the film and novel – and then delve into their picks for 2018’s OSCAR nominations!

Episode 27: The Invitation

BFFC reviews THE INVITATION, dir. Karyn Kusama. Discussed: the LA wellness scene, social convention, and the veneer of civilization.

Episode 26: Mudbound

In their latest episode the girls view MUDBOUND, dir. Dee Rees. Discussed: intersectionality, Rachel Morrisson’s cinematography nomination, and the way diversity behind the camera influences not only how stories are told, but which stories are told in the first place.

BFFC Film of the Week: Mudbound

This week on Bad Feminist Film Club: Mudbound (2017), dir. DEE REES. As we announced a few weeks ago, this season we’re focusing on female directors, particularly female directors of color, in an effort to educate ourselves and our listeners on the diverse array of women creating cinema today. This week, BFFC will be watching…

Episode 25: Proud Mary

In the Season 3 kickoff, BFFC examines PROUD MARY, an action film doing its best to sabotage itself. Discussed: great actors getting stuck with bad movies, the film’s strange editing and pacing, and the publicity (or lack thereof) leading up to the film’s release. Also: Taraji P Henson’s triple threat of great acting, great physicality,…

Season 3 Announcement!

Welcome to Season 3 of the Bad Feminist Film Club! Our official theme this season will be FEMALE DIRECTORS – you know, the people we as a feminist film podcast should know about, but don’t? We’re adding some new features like weekly episode announcements, minisodes, and other goodies to help you join in on our…