Episode 23: Captain America: The Winter Soldier

The girls take an extensive look at their favorite Marvel movie, CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER. Discussed: letting male stars be sad, whether this is actually the Black Widow movie we were hoping for, and which is more tragic: Bucky Barnes or Clint’s haircut in the new Vanity Fair “Infinity War” spread.

Episode 22: Justice League

The girls give DC another chance with JUSTICE LEAGUE. Discussion includes Batman’s Extra™ all-black jet, Wonder Woman’s “skirt”, letting male stars smile and of course, Ezra Miller, ray of light in a dark, dark world.


Surprise! It’s a BFFC bonus episode! Kelly and Sarah watch ALIAS GRACE, the recently released Netflix miniseries helmed by not one, not two, but three awesome women. 

Episode 21: Thor: Ragnarok

In this week’s episode BFFC is excited to discuss THOR: RAGNAROK ! Included: dissertations on Norse mythology, Loki, why Valkyrie is perfect, more Loki (sorry), and where Marvel’s master plan goes from here.

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Episode 20: Batman V Superman

This episode Sarah and Kelly tackle BATMAN V SUPERMAN, or as they like to call it, Studio Notes: The Movie. They’ll analyze this loose collection of random scenes and talk bat brands, Henry Cavill’s scowl, and how a movie can be insanely nonsensical and criminally boring at the same time.

Episode 19: Blade Runner 2049

In a long episode for a long movie, BFFC goes to see BLADE RUNNER 2049. Expect future fashion, treatises on the biology of replicants, and crying over Dave Bautista’s tiny wire-rim spectacles.

Episode 17: Watchmen

Continuing with the theme of Cold War action movies featuring 99 Luftballons, the girls tackle Zach Snyder’s WATCHMEN. They’ll talk about speed ramping, why diversity is doubly a problem in adaptations of source material, and whether this film contains the most awkward sex scene in cinema history. WARNING: This episode will contain an extended discussion…

Episode 16: The Avengers, Joss Whedon, and the MCU

In a return to form, the girls take a big-picture view of The Avengers, Joss Whedon, and the effect the film had on the MCU and superhero movies in general. They’ll talk about Whedon’s penchant for “damaged” female characters, airplane hanger fights, and most importantly ideas for the DC standalone Joker movie (call us, Mark…

Episode 15: Atomic Blonde

United at last! Kelly and Sarah have journeyed across land, sea and the 405 freeway to record from the same physical location for the first time in BFFC history.