Inspired by Roxane Gay’s book, Bad Feminist, Bad Feminist Film Club is a podcast about two nerds trying to reconcile their love of movies with their nobler feminist convictions.

In Season 1, Kelly and Sarah analyze the Fast and Furious franchise, one NOS-filled movie at a time. Do awesome car stunts outweigh shots of Eva Mendes’ ass? Can Michelle Rodriguez’s fierce and capable Letty stand out amongst a sea of girls in vinyl miniskirts and bikinis? Will any of these movies even come close to passing the Bechdel Test? Come along for the ride as Kelly and Sarah grapple with fridging, intersectional feminism, the positive portrayal of emotional masculine friendships, and of course, insane car stunts.

SARAH BARSON lives in Los Angeles and works in the film industry. She loves costume design, stupid action movies, and Keanu Reeves. Her favorite feminist movie is Mad Max: Fury Road.

KELLY KAUFFMAN lives in Charlottesville, Virginia with her dog Joco (short for Jocote) and her boyfriend, Hutton. She loves Jane Austen novels, playing Overwatch, and going to breweries. Her favorite feminist film is the Lemonade visual album (yes this counts).